A key part of any great design is to create a perfect balance of water elements, hardscape and softscape. The proper use of shape, balance, textures and elements should attract and inspire an individual. We're confident that we can design the perfect environment for any client which is visually stimulating and will complement the home architecture as well as be an extension of their interior living area. With the information you provide us on the important key elements of the pool and how it will be used, we can then develop these elements into the perfect design for your yard. Other questions to ask yourself during this phase: Will the pool be used more in the morning, afternoon or evening? Is a backyard BBQ important to you? Would a fire pit or outdoor fireplace be of interest so you can better enjoy the yard on a chilly evening? Taking some of these things into consideration will help us create a pool and landscape design that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

What Type of Pool is Right for You?

Family Fun

We're a family oriented company at Custom Pools of Lubbock and for us, knowing that we're creating a space that your family can grow long lasting memories together in is truly satisfying for us. Options include rock water falls with grottos and slides, water features and water sports. If jumping off point and diving is important then you may want to look at having your pool be at least 7' to 8' to allow for any daredevils in the family to safely do unlimited cannon balls. If your focus is family time then find what's important to your family interests and let us help you incorporate these desires into your pool design.

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Exercise & Sports

Is your main interest in a pool for exercise and sports? When considering the element of exercise, you may want to consider a play pool. Play pools are generally designed with a depth of 3ft to 5ft to 3ft. This size and depth pool is great for water sports such as volleyball or basketball. If swimming laps is more important then, if your space will allow it, we can build a longer pool to allow for a better exercise routine. After your play time or exercise you can relax your tired muscles in an attached spa with massage jets to work out the kinks.

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Are you looking for your backyard to be your own personal escape where you can relax and unwind? A pool can be instrumental when it comes to relaxation and peace of mind. One that's surrounded by tranquility yet alive with the serene sounds of moving water. Imagine the soothing sounds of water spillways or beautiful rock water features. The ultimate in relaxation can be a heated spa with new massage jet technology that is now available for gunite spas. The overall goal here is creating a space that inspires relaxation and escape from your busy lifestyle.

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Additional Features and Considerations

Once you've decided how you will be using your pool, the shape and size can better be determined. Most times people want to combine all the elements mentioned above for the perfect pool escape. This is where a talented and knowledgeable designer is important. Our Customer Pools of Lubbock designer will help you select the perfect size, shape and location to best meet your needs and budget. Your custom design will be created to meet your individual tastes and requirements and not just be a cookie cutter boiler plate pool shape.

Imagine a beautiful covered loggia with swim-up bar and stools. A place for entertaining of family and friends, or to just have a relaxing drink by the pool, while enjoying a break from the hot sun. A custom loggia is the perfect place for parties and family gatherings. Your pool can be designed as an entertainer's paradise!

Several options are available for your pool decking such as: travertine or concrete pavers, flagstone, brick or concrete. Custom Pools of Lubbock can help walk you through these options and can recommend materials based on overall desired look and budget. Desired space needed for sunbathing, seating and dining will also need to be considered. It's very important that you have a good balance between the pool area, softscape and the hardscape.

We highly recommend and install salt-based chlorine generators to keep your pool water sparkling clean and safe. We have installed many of them with great success and reliability. Many other options are available, from the traditional use of chlorine and other chemicals to more sophisticated systems such as mineral based purifications systems or ozone systems.

The pool industry has made big changes in the last decade with regard to options for pool finishes, pool lighting, water features and energy efficient pool equipment. The beauty of any pool is in the small touches and details. We can help you select the right options for your pool that will distinguish it from all others and create the perfect ambiance. Serene water features, beautiful and durable pool finishes and the latest in pool equipment technology can make your pool the perfect oasis.

The pool interior finish will affect the overall look of the pool and enhance the color and natural beauty of the water. This is an important decision and Custom Pools of Lubbock can walk you through the options available. While standard white plaster used to be the norm, today you can find finishes with quartz, stone pebbles, polished stone, glass beads or complete tile veneer.

For years the industry used standard halogen lighting or halogen lighting with old-school color wheels to create different color changing options. Newer LED technology now combines individual colored LEDs that are mixed and matched to achieve a seamless and vibrant spectrum of colors. New LED Lighting is now also available for shallow water reef steps to create well lit pool entries like never before. LED lighting is also much more energy efficient than traditional incandescent and halogen pool and spa lights.

From elegant water bowl features to beautiful rock waterfalls, the possibilities are endless. Not only does a relaxing and beautiful water feature bring years of extra enjoyment, but it's also an investment that adds to the value of your new pool and home. Custom Pools of Lubbock can design the perfect water feature elements into your project to help create the perfect environment.

This is an important addition for any pool to maintain its water level. Surprisingly many pool contractors don't mention it or show it as an option. Many contractors will give you a water fill line that is connected to a hose bib but will still need to be manually turned on. The negative of this is that you will still have to be available to turn the water fill line on (which is difficult if you're traveling) and, more importantly, turn the water off or it could result in an overflowing pool which could flood your yard. Automatic water levelers can do this for you automatically, while guarding against everyday water evaporation.

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